North Parade Street Party

North Parade Festival 2019 – Saturday27th July

Please help!

Every year thousands of people fill North Parade to enjoy food, drinks, craft stalls, music and the arts. This year the festival has a new format. Rather than the big stage that has been used in the past, each venue has been asked to provide a program of entertainers throughout the day.

Once again St Arnold’s have been asked to help provide volunteers for this years festival.

Duties for the volunteers could include general hosting and stewarding such as directing people to the various venues and facilities, litter picking, assisting the on street security team by communicating any issues to them, providing a lost children point and genarally being a friendly, welcoming face to visitors.

Volunteers would be asked to work in shifts of a couple of hours at a time meaning there will alos be plenty of time to enjoy what the festival has to offer.

This is a fantastic opportunity for the St Arnold’s community to serve the street where we have become a known fixture and to serve the wider city.

We need to find a team of at least 20 volunteers as soon as possible. Please can you contact me via email to show your interest and for more details.

There will be all kinds of different duties on the day so anyone can involved and help. The more volunteers we have, the bigger impact we as church can have on this event

Thank you


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